slatted wood texture background

Wood Restoration

Here you will see just a few examples of woodwork that I have lovingly restored over the years. Some are treasured heirlooms - some have been found, discarded and abandoned pieces I could still see the beauty within.

Bathroom Cabinet Restoration

In The Beginning

I was asked to restore a simple bathroom cabinet ... of great sentimental value. Once I had begun stripping it, I found it had acquired about 7 coats of different coloured paint in its lifetime.

In The End

And after a gallon of paint stripper and a good deal of sanding, I suggested the natural beauty of the wood underneath all that old paint be allowed to shine through. So it was decided that a few coats of good ol' yacht varnish...

... and some new brass hinges were exactly what this beauty needed. The interior needed some love as well and I felt that it should be in striking contrast to the natural woodgrain visible outside. I may have dubbed it The Coconut after a striking white interior completed it all.

wooden coffee table restored

Indoor Furniture Revamp

Above and Below

Are two prime examples of pieces that have suffered the ravages of time. But both simply needed a little time and effort to restore them to their former glory.

The coffee table had passed through the hands of four generations, and had been handmade by a great grand ancestor. This piece only required a light dismantling and sanding to give it a brand new glossy finish.

The garden bench, on the other hand, had seen all kinds of English weather in its approximate 15 years of service. The iron ends needed major rust removal and fresh paint, and I opted for a brand new set of slats for safety's sake.

wooden coffee table restored

Outdoor Furniture Revamp