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Garden Maintenance

I will take care of your garden as if it were my own

What It Is and What It Could Be


Lets begin with a classic example in the garden that so many may have already faced: The overgrown flowerbed. You only turned your back for a second ... and suddenly there it was! It can happen to anyone.

But, all is not lost - no matter the circumstances (hope I don't regret saying that!) - and we can win the ground back.

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Hedge Trimming

Moving along to a subject some take great pride in - and others may not be too happy to tackle: The hedge. Be it a lack of time or the trepidation of heights and power tools - simply set up a hedge fund; and give me a shout. I'll sort it all out!

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Patio Clearing

There are many areas on many properties that have been neglected or simply forgotten about over time. Areas that may have been designed and developed for relaxation or as a feature in the garden, that have now become overgrown or fallen into disuse due to a lack of time or ability in maintaining these once beauty spots. These are areas I love to get my hands dirty in.