T-Shirt Design

I have been commissioned over the years to design a range of T-Shirt prints, and in the past – I had even offered a design and silk screen printing service to local service stations, taxi companies, political organisations, schools, supermarkets and garment producers.

ornate table
  • beautiful fury dragon t-shirt design
  • dragon rider t-shirt design
  • fatal encounter dragon t-shirt design
  • touch my soul dragon t-shirt design
  • warrior princess dragon t-shirt design

But, my bestseller proved to be the sort that appeals to our cruder and ruder nature.

It simply stunned me how many people queued up for one of these shirts!

If you are underage or easily offended, please do not click to view the image below (even though it was worn in public by a rather great number of people).

parental advisory explicit content
Please only click this link if you are comfortable with bawdy humour.