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Vehicle Graphics

From 1990 to the Present.

Not my vehicle graphic work. Just a vehicular work of art

I've been in the game of producing or fitting vehicle graphics since the early 90's, and I'd like to think I am still a rather dab hand at it.

Back then, digital printing was totally unheard of commercially and if you wanted anything fancy in terms of vehicle graphics; I suppose you either had it screen-printed or airbrushed.

While I was knocking out both at the time, I was much more into airbrushing - and that Guns & Roses hood artwork is but one example. Funny story about this particular project:

An overly keen customer couldn't wait to take his new pride and joy home to show it off to anyone within glimpsing distance. But before I could put a laminate over the image or advise him how to care for it until such time, he decided to polish and shine it...with a VERY abrasive chemical compound!

Everything came off within 30 minutes of him leaving my place with his newly airbrushed motor. Luckily this was just a one-off and I am so glad I managed to grab a shot of it before hours of my work were wiped away in seconds.

3d render machine dean
A simple 3D Render by yours truly

But, lets bring things up to date...

Of course, that was a long time ago, so let’s get up-to-date on some of my more recent projects. In the last 18 years I have done mainly on-site vehicle graphic applications in and around the south of the United Kingdom.

From a few lines of text on the rear windscreen to full vehicle wraps – I have delivered them all. And I can say that includes from the design stage, through to production and onto installation. I am very happy to get involved at any stage of a project; or oversee the entire process for you.

Here are just a few examples of my previous work

Fleet Graphic Installations

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    Westfield Taxis

    This was a month-long project in 2012 as part of the launch of Westfield Stratford City.

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    The Ryder Cup

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    Final Feature

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